Why Us?

Miért az F&T?

Translation is certainly not an easy profession, thus in our opinion, our work needs to reflect the proper respect and humility that is required for high-quality translations. With this in mind, alongside our team of translators and a client-oriented, dynamic and modern work method, we try our best to live up to the expectation of our customers, meeting all their needs when it comes to a professional translation. For us, the excellent quality of the finished translation is a requirement, which is why we are not going to promise the lowest prices available on the market. However you will find our translation fees are still affordable and realistic, to show that we only work with the best professionals. 

What we offer

  • Free quote and test translation. If required, we can prepare multiple test translations.
  • Precise, quick and accurate translation
  • Respecting the agreed upon deadline
  • Beside text, we can translate picture or PDF format files as well, with the final format depending on our client's needs. 
  • User friendly file hosting system, a personal folder following registration.
  • Easy to reach and continous customer service, 
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Long-term partnership, with customized discounts

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