Base prices for the main languages

Our translation fees are calculated based on the following prices, customized to your needs and with mutual agreement. 

Base prices per character:

Translation from English to Hungarian2.00 Ft / characterTranslation from Hungarian to English2.40 Ft / character
Translation from German to HungarianTranslation from Hungarian to German


Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Czech, Polish, Italian, Portugese, Spanish, French     
 Translation to Hungarian 2,20 Ft/ karakter Translation from Hungarian 2,60 Ft /karakter 


For other languages, get a quote directly via e-mail at  

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Különleges kedvezmény

With the current special discount in effect, for the first translation of our new clients, we provide a 12% discount! 



Usually the cost of vetting a translation is 50% of the translation's price. However, for documents that we ourselves translated, we provide another 10% discount from the vetting's cost. 

Az ingyenes próbafordítás lehetősége mellett most további 6% kedvezményt biztosítunk megrendelésére!

Kérjen ingyenes próbafordítást!