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Certified translation

In case you are in need of translation of official documents, be it a certificate, corporate documents or personal files, get a quote from us! We work with uniquely affordable prices, and have no extra fees in place for certifying the translation and providing an official seal along with a confirmity declaration. For details, and to get to the form, cleck here!

Certified translations made by F&T correspond fully to the original text, and are checked multiple times before being delivered to our client. We know that even just one typo could result in serious financial consequences, which is why we work with the most skilled and precise translators and proofreaders. Our prices for certified translations are the same as for "normal" professional ones, the certification is free of charge. The minimum translation fee is HUF 4,500 + VAT. This applies to the translation of: 

  • ID cards
  • Residence cards
  • Driving licences
  • Certificates of birth, marriage, etc. 
  • Other small documents


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