Website translation

Website translation


Don't hesitate to get a quote for the translation of your personal, or corporate website. We use modern software to keep the original format of the texts, and the finished translation always goes through the process of proofreading as well. 

The world-wide-web, and the websites

In our current era, the Internet is a solid part of everyday life. Whether by using social media, webshops, news portals or video sharing sites, an average consumer spends at least a couple of hours in front of the screen each week. The vast majority of companies have their own websites for this exact reason. The easier it is to understand the contents of a website and the easier it is to find it via Google, the greater positive effect it will have on said company's business. The increasing trend in website translations is partly thanks to this, at least in the last few years. Many businesses wish to have their contents available on multiple languages, for the convenience of their existing foreign customers and strategic partners, and for the purposes of acquiring new ones.  

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A Hotex ipari konyhatechnológiai rendszerek tervezésével, vendéglátóipari berendezések forgalmazásával, karbantartásával és szervizelésével foglalkozik. Leggyakrabban termékkatalógusok, műszaki leírások angol- és német fordítására vonatkozó megbízásokban segítünk.

The process of translation

It is important to know exactly to how many languages you'd like to have your website translated. This requires careful consideration; even though it may be tempting to translate your website to a dozen different languages, to seem "more professional", that can turn out to be very costly and time consuming, often impossibly so. Following the selection of languages and the placement of order, with the help of a site map (or by receiving the contents separately), our translators can begin their work. Every block of content is labeled properly so as to avoid confusion. In case of texts with a considerable amount of repetition, we can provide a discount when it comes to their English or German translation.   

What kinds of websites do we translate?

The simple answer is: any. Naturally, it is easier to translate informative websites with longer and fewer texts, but we can provide just as high quality translations for websites with many separate pages, and functional modules. 

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