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Our team of translators consists of highly trained and skilled Romanian translators, who are able to prepare quality translations in several fields, even on short notice, and on an affordable price point. In most cases, our clients turn to us with the Romanian translation of personal or corporate documents.

Improving Romanian - Hungarian relationships 

román fordításEver since Romania's entry to the EU in 2007, new opportunities have been on the rise. Due to the advantages of being a member state and the geographical closeness of our countries, economic partnerships have been more and more accessible. Romania is our third largest trade partner when it comes to our exports, and the country is home to local companies as well such as MOL, OTP Bank, Richter Gedeon, Dunapack and Hotel Danubius. Moreover, small and medium businesses established with the help of Hungarian capital have become more numerous as well in Romania.   

Romanian translators

Our qualified Romanian translators not only speak Hungarian as a native tongue, but also have near-native level knowledge of Romanian due to many of them having studied there. Thanks to this, they know the ins and outs of the language, culture and country. On top of this, they many of them have other qualifications which help in making sure that the proper terminology is used, whatever the field of translation may be.

Romanian translations

At the same time, the number of financial, legal, technical and IT translations from and to Romanian have also been growing quickly. We have years of experience in translating documents for corporate deals, product manuals, marketing materials and contracts as well. We undertake the translation of smaller documents such as certificates with even the utmost urgency. 

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