Financial translation

Financial translation

With the help of our experienced translators and professional consultants trained in the field of economics, we prepare high quality translations of corporate analytics, financial statements and balance sheets, as well as audit reports and similar documents.

Being a for-profit business, we know very well the importance of precise, accurate financial statements. The creation of documents such as these is a tough task in and of itself, especially for medium enterprises and large corporations. Given the ever so globalizing market of our era, with foreign shareholders, parent companies, investors and strategic partners only increasing in number, the need for having the before mentioned types of documents available in several languages is also on the rise. This is the kind of service we offer our clients: precise, fast and reliable financial translations.

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Az OTP Ingatlan Befektetési Alapkezelő Zrt tevékenysége befektetési alapkezelés, ezen belül közvetlenül, vagy közvetett módon ingatlanba fektető alapok kezelése. Nagy értékű ingatlanokkal kapcsolatos szerződések fordításában segítettünk öt éven át.

Guaranteed quality and precision

It is the duty of any translation agency  to always make sure they use the proper, up to date terminology for their translations. This is especially true when it comes to financial translations, since the lack of proper terminology in a report could have serious consequences. Moreover, extreme precision is also a requirement with these projects, since mistaking a comma for a decimal point, or skipping just one line could also be potentially dangerous. Our modern work method aims to eliminate mistakes of this kind, which is why the translation is checked at least once by someone who is well-versed in the field of finances. 

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A Bonafarm csoport Magyarország egyik legjelentősebb szereplője a mezőgazdaság és a feldolgozóipar területén. Az évek során pénzügyi dokumentumok és különféle szerződések főként angol fordításában vettünk részt.

Balance sheets, profit and loss statements, financial documents

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Documents such as these are not too lengthy, but nevertheless they require the utmost precision and accuracy during the translation process. Each country has their unique financial terminology, in which every financial translator should be highly proficient. 

Translation for Banks

We have been providing financial translations in the topic of banks and real estate deals. Our largest clients working in these fields are different branches of OTP Bank.

We undertake the translation of financial documents on these languages:

Hungarian, English, German, Russian, Italian, Czech, Slovakian, Romanian, Polish, French, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Portugese, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian 

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